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What is Blickel?

Blickel is a social network of learning designed to track a learners progress from start to finish. Specically designed tools allow everyone to become teacher in areas where they have expertise. The concept of Blickel is to deliever bite size content that can quickly be understood and retained by the learner before moving on to the next bite size content that builds apon the previous content. Three different content levels which include private, protected, and public allow the creators of this content to control who has access to thier content.



Are you in charge of your own learning? Nothing is more powerful than an individual with the desire to learn. Click here to find out how we can help you on your path to higher education.



One child or ten children, we have a perfect family plan that will meet the individual needs of each member of your family. Parents are kept in the loop on their children's learning and activities.



With the power to handle an entire classroom of students and easily view and manage their progress, our teacher plans are perfect for any grade level or any number of students.



Let our professonal lesson writters handle the curriculum and lesson content to ensure that every student has the tools and help required for them to advance in both their life and education.

Learn from anywhere, anytime!

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