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What is Blickel?

Blickel is a community of knowledge and an open learning management system anyone can use. Developed by teachers, Blickel can diagnose the gaps in learners' knowledge, break up learning into small pieces, and measure their growth. Our easy to use tools give you the ability to quickly create interactive educational content about any topic. Real time analytics track students who work through your content giving you detailed insights. Create an account today! What will you learn? What will you teach? What will you Blickel?



Do you have a question, or do you have the answer? Whether you need a single skill, fact, course, or entire body of knowledge, Blickel can help you achieve your education goals as a learner, tutor, and teacher.



One child or ten, we have a perfect family plan that will meet the individual needs of each member of your family. Our parental controls keep you in the loop as you watch your children grow in real time.



With the power to handle an entire university, Blickel has administrative tools that can coordinate administrators, educators, counselors, content creators, parents, students, and tutors. Schools can create a variety of offerings in every subject.



Create your own curriculum for your individual business, or let our professionals handle the curriculum and create your lesson content to insure that every employee has the skills needed to be hired, meet compliance, or grow and engage in continuing education.

Learn from anywhere, anytime!

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